Thermomax Systems

Thermomax Systems

Thermomax systems, which are designed for extreme climates like Northern America, are high efficiency equipment for efficient and economical conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy. The evacuated heat-pipe solar collector is the result of extensive research, development and testing. This high performance, reliable and cost effective solar modules use advanced technology and new materials.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collector of Thermomax offers the following features:

  • High performance
  • Low heat capacity and high heat transfer
  • Heat flow only in one direction
  • Control of maximum temperature
  • High durability
  • Freedom from corrosion problems
  • Freedom from cold weather/frost problems
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Easy installation of single or multiple units

All solar collector systems have the sun as common energy source. Therefore, the performance depends on the conversion of the solar radiation into useful thermal energy and to transfer it to the hot water system. The global solar radiation varies considerably from region to region and day to day. On a clear summer day approximately 850 W/m2 can be expected while on a cloudy day it can reduce to 400W/m2 or less, which means if the system utilizing solar energy is not efficient enough the system would be useful for only very bright days.

Due to the very good insulation properties of the evacuated solar tubes Thermomax collectors can provide hot water any time when there is sun light available. Evacuated collectors supply heat at temperatures significantly higher than those achieved by flat plate collectors. This comparison is particularly relevant in cold, windy and cloudy climates.

The first step to enjoy your Thermomax over a long period of time is to design and specify the collector size and the associated components correctly. In order to be able to do it, you would need to consult experts.

After installation, the system may need some very small checks. They are:

Periodic Checks

  • Ensure that no physical damage has occurred to the tubes and remove any debris that may have accumulated.
  • Check the flow and return pipework between collector and storage tank.
  • Check all connections for leaks and ensure all components are operating correctly.
  • Check that the system pressure is maintained at the set value. If the system pressure repeatedly drops below the set pressure check the system for leaks.

Five Yearly Checks

  • If using antifreeze/inhibitor, every five years the system should be completely drained and flushed then refilled with new antifreeze/inhibitor.
  • Check all insulation of pipework and the condition of the sensors, especially the manifold sensor.
  • Check the seals where the flow and return connections pass through the roof tiles.

As you see, a Thermomax solar panel is easy to maintain, efficient and cost effective way for your hot water needs.
If you want to benefit from Thermomax Solar Collectors and services we offer contact us here.

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