Refurbished IBM: The Best Technology at a Small Business Price

Refurbished IBM: The Best Technology at a Small Business Price

Refurbished products help organizations with strained budgets in acquiring the best technology for advancing their current infrastructure. IBM offers high quality market products, but this hardware can be very difficult for less established companies to buy. Remanufactured hardware reduces the cost of their products significantly thus allowing a business to procure high end solutions. Countless models are available at a discounted rate with the xSeries, pSeries, and iSeries products being prominent purchase options. Each series is designed to meet specific infrastructure requirements and supplies unique technology benefits. System X or xSeries models are geared toward small to mid-size business needs whereas other lines are better suited for larger organizations. Small companies seeking a high end storage solution may buy reliable refurbished IBM xSeries products within budget through an equipment distributor.

Refurbished Servers: What Functionality May a Beginning Company Attain?

A buyer should choose refurbished servers based on specific technological needs. Each xSeries model can take care of certain data storage requirements within an infrastructure. In general, this particular product line offers cost reduction, limited complexity, and virtualization to maximize IT value throughout an organization. Tower servers are a great buy when a business is just beginning to incorporate this technology. Latest xSeries tower designs include the x3100, x3200, x3400, and x3500 models. Each features an Intel Xeon processor with two to four Gigabytes of memory and a significant amount of internal storage. A business may receive simple-swap ATA drives or hot-swappable SATA drives. The x3100 is ideal for file, print, email, and firewall capabilities within smaller infrastructures. X3200 or x3400 models support a network infrastructure in addition to branch office distribution needs. The IBM x3500 is geared toward custom business application support as well as branch sharing capabilities. It can also be implemented for web service environments, ERP planning, small-scale virtualization, or customer relationship management. These models are still in production, but can be acquired as refurbished servers.

Discontinued models often come at a lower cost making them ideal for a brand new business infrastructure. The xSeries 235, in particular offers affordable server availability as well as data protection. Features include Ultra320 HDD performance, RAID-1 functionality, X-Architecture capabilities, PCI-X technology, and hot swappable features. These capabilities make it possible to mirror hard drives for increased data protection in addition to providing system protection through improved cooling and power functionality. The 235 is a tower design but can be altered for rack use with a conversion kit. It is an affordable two-way solution geared toward meeting the power and performance needs of smaller organizations. Internal specifications include up to twelve Gigabytes of DDR memory, six-hundred sixty GB of internal storage, RAID functionality, and Dual Ultra320 SCSI channels. Rack or blade models in this series are also purchasable as refurbished IBM products and should be considered for infrastructures supporting more than twenty five employees. Organizations do not have to sacrifice the quality offered by xSeries products due to cost. Any business can implement this great technology to create a better managed infrastructure when purchasing from a reliable distributor.

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