Karl Rove, Department Of Injustice And Propaganda

Karl Rove, Department Of Injustice And Propaganda

Karl Rove’s candidates have a history

Of benefiting handsomely from conveniently

Cleverly timed federal investigations

Propaganda and the politicization of justice

Compliments of the Bush administration

Rove loves and lives for dirt and degradation

Character assassination and deterioration

Note Rove’s curious political pattern in Texas

Election years were accompanied with a nexus

An F.B.I. investigation of some sitting Democrat

For such trickery, he’d definitely get a hearty pat

On the back for his evil-minded, masterful chicanery

His announcements and leaks to the press

Sure caused for Senator John McCain a mess

An honorable war veteran who has stood the test

Rove’s smear-and-fear tactics pollute and infest

Our national fibre, soul, and collective conscience

The 2000 GOP primary was Rove’s big chance

To hone his skills in dirty politics and dance

With the big boys, while being purely cynical

His lies and smear campaign cruel and unethical

Cherry-pick intelligence to justify war in Iraq

Than stab heroic Ambassador Wilson in the back

For going public on false allegations of WMD

Mr. Rove you deserve imprisonment with Libby

We should get you to sit before a grand jury

Interrogate you about your sly cunning subtlety

Perhaps we can also question VP Dick Cheney

You say CIA operative “Valerie Plame is fair game”

Now tech-savvy puppet master Rove it’s your name.

The sneaky firing of eight United States attorneys

Looks like a political purge full of hypocrisy

The prosecutor purge another suppression

Of Bush-era scandal – a huge abuse of power

Rove, you’d make Richard Nixon green with envy

Soon the national media shall expose you publicly

God will judge you for how you handled Benny

America’s Joseph Goebbels of political machinery

This Karl Rove shall be your unmistakable legacy.

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