How to Take Care of Cats

Basically, caring for a cat is easy, especially if it’s an ornamental cat that requires special care.

All of that requires patience because indeed every cat and its type has a different character.

But the most important thing is about feeding and keeping the cat healthy so that it continues to develop properly.

Here is the most complete guide in caring for a cat properly.

Create a Comfortable Environment

The environment greatly affects a cat’s behavior, habits, and even health.

That’s why create a comfortable environment for cats. Especially if your cat is very playful and active, so it requires a very large and safe space for its activities.

There are several things you need to pay attention to to keep your cat safe and comfortable in their environment:

Get rid of the cat’s favorite things after use

As well as rope, thread, wool, and the like which are elongated and flexible.

Because cats are often attracted to such items, so he will play with them and even bite them.

It is certainly very dangerous if it is swallowed by the cat.

Keep cats away from things that contain poison

Whether it’s in the form of food, drink, or anything else. Including objects that contain chemicals such as fragrances, floor cleaners, to soap.

This is because cats often try to lick and even eat what looks like food when they are very hungry.

Arrange and tidy up your house in such a way

It aims to make it easier for cats to carry out activities. It also makes it easier for new cats to adapt to their new environment.

For example,

Do not make a special place for cats in rooms with high surfaces, including tables, cabinets, and so on.

Because, cats really like to go up and down in high places.

There is nothing wrong with making a special toilet for cats in the form of sand or dry soil.

It’s best to make it in a quiet place and avoid being disturbed by other animals, considering that cats also need privacy to defecate.

It will also make it easier for you to dispose of and clean cat litter at home.

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