Getting Back On The Diet Track After Thanksgiving Indulgence

Getting Back On The Diet Track After Thanksgiving Indulgence

A few days of eating a Thanksgiving feast and all of its leftovers could leave you struggling to fit in your pants as you get ready to go back to work. Eating and drinking too much over the holidays can actually lead to feeling sick and not wanting to get out of bed. This is not such a good feeling when the treadmill is where you should be after the calorie intake. The diet does not have to crash because you got derailed by those yummy calories.

Start slowly by eating right. Green is the way to go. Not only do vegetables have fiber to help flush the toxins away, but they are good for you, too. They help detox the body. Fiber can be a key ingredient to helping you feel better. Breakfast is a great place to start the fiber grubbing. Eating a good breakfast will help the day start off right and that fiber will help keep you fuller longer.

Drink up. We aren’t talking about eggnog here either. That drink of eggnog could have amped up your calorie intake by a few hundreds. Water and tea are the best forms of beverage to help get back on track. Sodium is packed in the Thanksgiving dinner so your tummy could be feeling a bit bloated. Water will help release this feeling. Water is good for everything, but especially great for helping flush away the toxins. Tea helps with digestion. Ginger and chamomile tea give relief as well. Green tea has been shown in studies to rev up metabolism giving it a double whammy effect on those killer calories.

After you’ve had that nice breakfast with a big glass of water make a plan to help get yourself back on track at the gym or in the wintry air. We all can agree the holiday gathering and goodies don’t end with Thanksgiving. It’s best to have a form of attack against the plates glaring at you just wanting you to indulge. A little indulgence is always okay, but without a plan you might find yourself devouring the entire plate of cookies. Most gyms are crammed with people after New Years that have failed and just want to lose that weight. The best feeling could be you are miles ahead of those people both literally on the treadmill and figuratively in the healthy world.

A friendly game of football, basketball or soccer can help your motor get running. Shopping in the crowds for those perfect gifts will also help the body get going. Anything that makes your heart rate soar will help get back on track. During the Thanksgiving holidays you may have been in the recliner enjoying football on the television. Now it’s time to throw the couch potato on the floor and get to being active. Decorating the house for the holidays will not only get your inner child glowing, but will burn calories as you rush around.

As the holiday gathering invitations begin to cover your refrigerator be prepared for the food and fun of it all. You don’t have to eat all of the food at the gathering. You can nibble on a few goodies and move on with the social aspect of it all. If you find yourself having a big meal again just wait a bit for the dessert and you might not even be as hungry as you thought. Those pants will fit and you will get a running start on the traditional New Year’s resolution to stay healthy.

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