What may well described meeting alliance suggest?

What may well described meeting alliance suggest?

It is becoming noted by Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic that the PAC 12, Huge 10, and ACC are on the verge of saying an alliance that Auerbach says “isn’t just about scheduling”.  Of study course, noticeably absent from that equation is the beleaguered Big 12 and that truth puts the potential of the Texas Tech football software into even far more uncertain territory.

What Auerbach’s short article (which is powering a paywall) doesn’t exclusively lay out the conditions of the alliance among the a few conferences, it does suggest that the a few leagues are vowing to vote jointly on all problems (this kind of as the expansion of the College Soccer Playoff) in what feels like a transfer to test to counteract the SEC’s present powerplay.  But what Texas Tech admirers want to know is in which the Purple Raiders will in shape in the new landscape of university football.  And proper now, it’s anyone’s guess.

Some optimistic followers are choosing to consider that this alliance will prompt the associated conferences to broaden.  And that reasoning tends to make some perception.

If the SEC is genuinely making an attempt to sort a tremendous convention and break away from the NCAA to be its possess entity as quite a few are theorizing, then it would behoove the other conferences to consider to block any further SEC expansion by gobbling up as quite a few quality plans as achievable.

Ideal now, the SEC does not have sufficient teams to variety their personal super meeting, and using absent their most attractive selections for more growth would seem to be the ideal way for the Huge 10, ACC, and PAC 12 to block an SEC electric power engage in.

In this scenario, Texas Tech would be in fantastic form.  Of the remaining systems that could be attractive to a important convention, Tech has to be close to the major of the listing provided the university’s presence in Texas and the central time zone, each of which are spots that are extremely engaging to other conferences.

Also, may this alliance prompt the SEC to look at even further growth beyond Texas and Oklahoma?  It is conceivable.

If this video game of faculty soccer monopoly turns into a race to incorporate groups, Texas Tech may possibly find itself in the catbird seat.  Perhaps this state of affairs would discover Tech staying courted by additional than 1 main meeting and that would absolutely be the very best-scenario state of affairs.

Now, some may well say that the assumed of Texas Tech having a seat at the SEC table is nothing at all extra than a pipe dream.  But preserve in thoughts the economical added benefits for the SEC’s main media partner, ESPN, need to the Significant 12 dissolve.

Taking above as the SEC’s television husband or wife beginning in 2024-25, ESPN will be bankrolling the NCAA’s most potent convention for 10 several years.  That offer is noted to be costing ESPN and its mum or dad business ABC close to $3 billion, which is a enormous bill for an entity that has just lately had economic issues.

Hence, the dissolution of the Major 12 would be in ESPN’s ideal desire.  If the league folds, the buyout that each individual college would owe the meeting, which is going to be well north of $140 million mixed, would be null and void.  And make no error, the cash for the buyout would, in some form or fashion, arrive from ESPN.

What’s extra, the dollars ESPN owes the Large 12 for the remainder of its media rights deal would also be off the books. Hence, obtaining a way to aid the last destruction of the Major 12 could possibly be in ESPN’s best curiosity and that could perform in Tech’s favor.

Nonetheless, the pessimistic Texas Tech soccer admirer sees this report as a indication that the main conferences are going on without having which include any of the 8 leftover Large 12 courses.  That would absolutely be disastrous for the Purple Raiders.

If this alliance is ample to persuade the 3 conferences that they are secure plenty of in their collective toughness that they do not require to grow, the Purple Raiders could be left out in the chilly.  What’s additional, the Big 12 as a entire could be on the exterior on the lookout in.

If a revamped Huge 12 finishes up staying Tech’s finest selection, the reality that the conference isn’t a section of this alliance would be perhaps devastating to the Red Raiders and the league.  It could indicate that the conference would be not able to plan teams from the three conferences involved in the alliance and much more importantly, it would mean that the Big 12 would have just about no voice in how the video game of faculty football is shifting. That would make the Huge 12 no better than a Group of 5 conference, a fact that would have substantial economic ramifications for its member establishments.

In the long run, this all feels like a reactionary shift by the PAC 12, ACC, and Huge 10 to try to block the SEC from getting in excess of higher education soccer.  And in some way, the fallout from these moves is going to have a big affect on the Texas Tech football program.  But no matter if that effects will be beneficial or adverse continues to be a mystery.


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