TOP 5 Fastest Computers In The World With The Most Processors

TOP 5 Fastest Computers In The World With The Most Processors

TOP 5 Fastest Computers In The World With The Most Processors

In 2020, the world’s fastest computer will be held by the Summit supercomputer, which can perform one quintillion operations in 1 second.

This supercomputer from America managed to occupy the first position after six consecutive years; China always occupies this position.

List of the World’s Fastest Computers in 2020:


Summit is a supercomputer developed by IBM. This computer is owned by the US Department of Energy and is used for research purposes in energy, health, artificial intelligence, and solving complex computing.

This computer that uses the Linux operating system is powered by 9,216 IBM Power9 22 Core CPUs, 27,648 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, 10 Petabytes of RAM, and a hard drive with a capacity of 250 Petabytes.

Summit has a maximum speed of 200 petaFLOPS, making it the first computer capable of performing one quintillion calculations per second.

For its own power needs, this supercomputer requires a power supply of 13 Mega Watts.


Sierra is a supercomputer owned by the National Nuclear Security Administration. American nuclear engineers use this computer as a substitute for underground nuclear testing through a simulation system.

This supercomputer developed by IBM has a performance six times greater than its predecessor, the Sequoia computer.

The specifications of Sierra are as follows:

CPU: 3.1 GHz IBM Power9
Number of CPU cores: 190,080 cores
Number of GPUs: 17,280 GPUs
RAM: 1.38 Petabytes
Operating system: RHEL
Power consumption: 11 Megawatt

The Sierra supercomputer has a maximum compute speed of 125 petaflops. Combining IBM Power9 with NVIDIA V100 further increases efficiency and computing capabilities at a more complex scale.

Sunway TaihuLight

The 3rd position is occupied by a supercomputer from China, Sunway Taihulight. This computer has the capability of 93 thousand trillion calculations per second and a data processing speed of 93 petaflops.

Sunway Taihulight was designed by NRCPC (National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology). One of the goals of this supercomputer was to simulate the big bang event in the universe.

Specifications of Sunway TaihuLight are as follows:

CPU: 1.45 GHz Sunway SW26010 260C
Number of cores: 10,649,600 cores
RAM: 1.3 PB
Storage: 20 PB
Power consumption: 15MW
Operating system: Sunway RaiseOS 2.0.5

Tianhe 2

Tianhe 2, which means Milky Way 2, is a supercomputer owned by the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, China.

Based on information from the National University of Defense Technology, Tianhe 2 is used for several purposes, including simulation, analysis, and development of national security applications.

The supercomputer, which cost 5.6 trillion rupiahs, was built by involving 1,300 scientists and engineers from the China National Defense Technology University.

One of the capabilities possessed by Tianhe 2 is that it can perform 33,860 trillion calculations per second and has a speed of 33.86 PFLOPS.

The specifications of Tianhe 2 are as follows:

CPU : 32,000 Intel Xeon E5-2692 12C
Number of CPU cores: 3,120,000 cores
RAM: 1,024 Petabytes
Operating system: Kylin Linux
Storage: 12.4 Petabytes
Power consumption: 17.6 MW


Starting in use since June 2019, Frontera is the 5th fastest computer in the world. The Texas Advanced Computing Center developed this supercomputer at the cost of 886 billion rupiahs.

In 2020, Frontera was used to simulate how the Coronavirus enters the human body. This simulation aims to assist researchers in finding a vaccine for this virus.

Specifications for 1 Frontera computer node are as follows:

CPU: 2.7Ghz Intel Xeon Platinum 8280
Number of cores: 56 cores
GPU: 360 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000
Number of GPUs: 4
Storage: 480GB SSD

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