Secret no More! Networking Speed Testing on Dong Knows Tech

If you ever wonder how I test networking devices, including Wi-Fi broadcasters (routers and access points) and switches, for reviews on this website, you’re reading the right post.

I’ll reveal here my testing methods and the equipment I used. If you pay close attention, you might be able to build similar testing “labs” yourself. But it would be best if you took my word for it.

This post is mainly for your information in case you want to know how I come up with the performance numbers and the rating for each review. Spoiler: It’s easier, though more time-consuming than you think.

Dong’s note: The content of this post was originally part of the post on Wi-Fi and Internet speed testing and was moved out as a separate post on November 9, 2022, to clarify the subject and make it easier for future updates.

Gigabyte 10GbE Adapter Card. Networking speed testing: Super-fast network car is a must
Networking speed testing: Super-fast network car
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Tech industry needs to collaborate to solve the ongoing energy crisis, SAP exec says

In order to support solve the ongoing energy crisis, the know-how industry needs to collaborate, in accordance to Scott Russell, govt board member and leader of purchaser achievement at SAP.

“The electricity crisis is genuine. It’s ongoing. It is not likely to be preset only through dialogue at the geopolitical amount, it’s going to be solved by the use of technologies and aiding join businesses, encouraging them to physically be able to tackle people issues with each other,” he insisted.

Scott Russell. Credit score: SAP

In the previous yr or so, international locations throughout Europe have been in the midst of an electricity disaster. Europe commenced to see some problems with electrical power source back in 2021. Ordinarily, during the winter season months, the EU imports liquefied pure gas from the United States, Latin America, and Russia, but the electric power grid problems that Texas faced diminished

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Upgrade Your In-Demand Tech Skills

Technological innovation is the driving drive powering development in all places and industries and an raise in tech techniques. More and more, tech developments are employed throughout all fields to assistance streamline processes and make almost everything more economical. From schooling to offer chains, the most current traits, and from health care to shipping and delivery providers, every person is building use of what know-how has to give.

You’ve most likely found the relevance of personal computers and software in your private lifetime along with the expert. There are applications that aid you get a more normal slumber routine, keep monitor of your work out program and your eating plan, as perfectly as the many applications and platforms applied for content streaming.

When you take all the tech abilities into account, it’s simple to see that everyday living without the need of all these units and features would be alternatively

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3 Smart Tech Stocks to Buy in September

Over the last five years, the S&P 500 is up an impressive 110%. But the S&P 500 Information Technology sector has more than doubled that performance, surging 257%. In fact, tech stocks have beat the market over the last one, three, five, and 10 years. So if your portfolio lacks exposure to this sector, it might be time to make a change.

With that in mind, we asked three Motley Fool contributors to pick tech stocks that look like smart buys in September. Keep reading to see why Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) (NYSE:CRM), and Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM) made the list.

Group of investors examining financial documents.

Image source: Getty Images.

A tech powerhouse in disguise

Eric Volkman (Amazon): Most consumers — and more than a few investors — view Amazon primarily as an e-commerce company. What they don’t realize is that it’s also quite a powerful IT stock that will only get stronger.


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3 Red-Hot Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now

When searching for new investments, it’s often lucrative to look at stocks that have a strong history of growth. Oftentimes, the winners keep on winning and their success is a great indicator that the future is bright. We asked three Motley Fool contributors to present one stock that’s had a red-hot year and could continue its winning trend long into the future. They offered up Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), Sea Limited (NYSE:SE), and Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM).

Nvidia: An industry leader with room to run

Danny Vena (Nvidia): If you’re looking for a red-hot tech company, look no further than Nvidia. Not only is the stock up more than 70% so far this year, but its performance has been masterful over the past decade, surging more than 6,100%. Given the stock’s runaway growth, it would be easy to assume that the greatest gains have already been made, but evidence suggests that

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