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EcoFlow offers variety of portable power stations, from the 288Wh EcoFlow River to the big-daddy power-them-all Delta Max to the less-is-more Detla Mini. Now, with the introduction of their latest model, the Delta 2, there’s yet another option for those on the go that want a mid-range option to keep them powered up. No matter if you’re car camping, tailgating or just want a source of emergency power, the 1024Wh Delta 2 has your back

Handling almost any electronics up to 2200W, the Delta 2 can run your most-used accessories no matter where you are. Weighing at around 27lbs, it won’t hold you back as you can easily move it wherever your needs may be.

Delta 2 Product Copy

EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station

Bottom line: The Delta 2 has a great mix of power and portability. It’s not as hefty some of

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Jackery Explorer 1500 solar generator review: black out protection at its best

Jackery 1500 HeroSource: Technobuffalo

Jackery has been making large solar generators for a while now, and each one has improved upon its predecessors in one way or another. The Jackery Explorer 1500 is the latest big solar generator from the company and features many upgrades that make it even more helpful at home, as well as out and about.

We took a deep dive with Explorer 1500 in two distinct parts of the United States; the east coast in New Jersey and the west coast desert of Southern California. Each offers a different look at how this monster battery and 400w of solar cells can make a difference in your home.

Jackery Power Station Reco

Jackery Explorer 1500 solar generator

Bottom line: The Jackery 1500 is a solar generator that can handle any job you can throw at it. From charging your iPhone while camping to running your fridge in

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