Huge 12 identifies 4 colleges for expansion, getting a further stage towards irrelevance

I’d actually like to chat about the opener from Houston, but The Athletic is earning that quite a obstacle with its most up-to-date report.

Evidently, the Significant 12 Meeting has keyed on 4 schools for growth in Cincinnati, Houston, UCF and BYU, the latter of which could be a part of as a football-only member. Word is finalization could occur this educational year.

This transfer is likely to do the reverse of what it established out to do, which is to elevate the energy of the convention about the extensive phrase. There are a few points I dislike about the Large 12 including these distinct schools:

1. It would make no geographic sense

Yeah, West Virginia didn’t make sense both and honestly, it still doesn’t. This appears to be the new actuality in higher education soccer, but that does not necessarily mean I have to like it. College or university soccer is all about regionalism and proving your area of the state does football better than any person else. This shift even further dismantles regionalism and tradition in college football and no a person seems to treatment.

2. Introducing Houston hurts Tech (and other Texas universities) in recruiting

As before long as Houston joins the Significant 12, hundreds of area kids who would’ve fully commited to a distinct Electric power 5 college in Texas are likely to keep household. Tech loses its most important benefit around the Cougars. Think me, this impact will be felt by each and every Energy-5 faculty in the point out and all the faculties who voted Houston in are going to swim in a sea of regret.

3. UCF is comparatively an afterthought in the state of Florida

Whilst UCF does have a huge pupil enrollment, Floridians only treatment about the Gators, Seminoles and Hurricanes. Very number of persons outdoors Orlando have any fascination in UCF athletics. In simple fact, the Gators are really a lot more well known in Orlando than UCF, which is not great. And in advance of anybody begins speaking trash about how Tech is an afterthought in Texas, no. Initial of all, Texas has 10 million more men and women than Florida, with far more universities and superior football applications. Tech is section of the Massive 3 (Texas, Texas A&M & Texas Tech), when TCU and Baylor supply tremendous depth in the point out.

4. Incorporating non-Electric power 5 colleges does not make you far more of a Electric power-5 meeting

The Massive 12 is reaching down to attempt and elevate itself up. If Bowlsby & co. definitely desired to punch back at the SEC and the other Electrical power-5 conferences, it would toss every greenback it could at Arkansas and Louisville, then go again and get previous users Nebraska and Colorado. None of the schools the Huge 12 ideas to increase make this a noticeably much better conference.

Sam Greene by way of Imagn Content Solutions, LLC

Cincinnati can make at least some modicum of sense because it’s sorta in the Huge 12’s geographical variety, has respectable football and basketball applications and opens up the Ohio current market for recruiting. But all round, incorporating these four faculties will finally do much more harm than great in the larger photograph.

Sometimes, the finest action is inaction. In its place, the Huge 12 is electing to act in desperation – a transfer that will finally price it the only remaining relevance it experienced.

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