GreenTech Environmental PCO Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

GreenTech Environmental PCO Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

GreenTech Environmental is a company based out of Jonesborough, TN. GreenTech offers 3 of its own air purifiers as well as carrying models from several other companies. GreenTech air cleaners use ozone, ionization, and photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) to clean the air. They cover between 50 and 3000 square feet. They cost between 10 cents and $1.69 per square foot of air cleaned per year. They cost between $844.33 and $3133.65 to use over 10 years.

GreenTech Environmental is now engaged in a litigation suit by Aerus Holdings LLC for alleged patent infringement of some of its Vollara air purifiers. It is unclear how this suit will be resolved. It is also unclear what will happen to GreenTech products as a result of this lawsuit.

These air purifiers are excellent active technology systems that compete with most of the top-tier air cleaners in the industry. The flagship purifier is the GreenTech GT3000, which covers 3000 square feet and addresses particle, odor, gas, and bacteria pollution. It costs 10 cents per square foot and has an MSRP value of $799.00. The PCO technology in this purifier is superior to the vast majority of PCO air cleaners because it has a large surface area to increase the catalytic reaction.

These purifiers are backed with a one year warranty. This is a disadvantage to other top-tier systems which offer the same cost to benefit value but have better warranties. These systems provide great value to people who have serious odor problems to resolve. They have also been found to be of great benefit for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Although there are probably better air purifiers in the market, the cost-benefit differential to these systems is only marginally better. If you settle for one of these systems, it is a great deal. The primary concern is how the lawsuit is resolved and whether you will have continued support and maintenance of these systems for the long-term. Because of these issues, we suggest you explore all your options before making a decision.

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