Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

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This week, the two our winners on the insightful aspect occur in reaction to New York’s system to ruin cost-free speech on the internet in response to the Buffalo shooting. In fist put, it is an anonymous remark about the thought that on the internet platforms sit at the root of white supremacy:

Remind me again, when was the K.K.K. fashioned?

In 2nd put, it is Cat_Daddy commenting extra broadly on these sorts of Part 230 fights:

Deep as a puddle

The area 230 problem between Democrats and Republicans attempts to current itself like this moral quandary, when it really is not. Both of those of their arguments are incredibly surface area degree. It is not a intricate discussion. It is just two kids arguing over a stuffed toy. The harder they pull in reverse instructions, the better the tear. And in the finish, you don’t conclude up with a piece of a toy, you just get a toy in tatters.

For editor’s preference on the insightful side, we commence out with a comment from That Just one Person about the new reports suggesting the net actually is not the legitimate motor of misinformation:

Web: Open medium where you are exposed to a large amount of resources and even more persons who may perhaps or may possibly not concur with a distinct point and in which [Citation Needed] can be utilized in authentic time.

Cable information: Non-interactive medium in which there are two sides, one to observe and just one to speak, and the latter has total command around what is stated and included. Also carries with it the veneer of becoming ‘professional’ considering the fact that if you are on tv set in front of thousands and thousands of men and women with your position getting to report the news you will have to have some trustworthiness, ideal?

Cannot imagine why the latter could possibly have far more impression than the previous when it will come to the spread of (mis)information…

Future, it’s Rocky with a reaction to the weird assert that licensing constraints on the written content of Amazon’s Rings of Energy display are by some means not a copyright challenge:

Guess what underpins the estates skill to license out Tolkien’s operates for the last ~50 a long time?

Around on the amusing aspect, our initially position winner is BvR responding to a annoying commenter:

Are your inner thoughts as incoherent as your outer feelings?

In next area, it is Stephen T. Stone merely calling awareness to the subtitle of our article about FBI brokers pondering January 6 members did very little wrong:

from the if-you-want-to-disrupt-peaceful-elections,-join-the-CIA dept

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit 🤣

For editor’s alternative on the humorous aspect, we commence out with a remark from Thad about how conservatives are still complaining about law enforcement defunding that hardly ever transpired:

As opposed to all the other conservative grievances, which are firmly rooted in truth.

Ultimately, it is Flakbait with a comment about the great AT&T faces for bribing an Illinois lawmaker:

Overheard in AT&T CEO’s office environment:
$23 million great? (To administrative assistant) Check out the couch for free transform.

That’s all for this week, people!

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