Easier: Add a Clear Rectangle to Google Slides

Easier: Add a Clear Rectangle to Google Slides

A trick several teachers are utilizing to hack Google Slides is to place a clear rectangle on Google Slides. Why you could request? Inserting a distinct rectangle over Google Slides presents you extra regulate over the slides when in presentation method. Simply just go to the designs menu and place a rectangle about your Google Slide. Set the fill and border to clear. As effortless as that is, it is cumbersome. Soon after you have done it a few situations you will want for a speedier way! Now there is!!

Apparent Rectangle Google Slides

I coded it! It is super simple to use and collects NO person data! Install all of my Google Workspace Increase-ons at alicekeeler.com/codedbyalice. Obvious Rectangle by AliceKeeler immediately adds a clear rectangle in excess of the current Google Slide or in excess of all the slides.

How Does This Support Me?

You may possibly be contemplating, this appears dumb. I definitely considered so the initial time anyone instructed to me to put a crystal clear rectangle on a Google Slide.

Invisible Button

When you simply click the Slideshow button in Google Slides to current the information of your slides you lose entry to the Speaker Notes. You are in presentation manner. If you want to backlink out to yet another resource you will want to have some type of button or hyperlink on your slide. By adding a obvious rectangle more than your slide you effectively change the overall slide into a button. Use Command K to hyperlink to an exterior source.

Command Navigation

When heading as a result of a Google Slides presentation you can click on the slide to go to the up coming slide. Nevertheless, what if you do NOT want college students/end users to go to the upcoming slide. If you have a decision board or pick out your have experience you want to have much more control around how the presentation is navigated. The trick for this is to hyperlink the very clear rectangle back to the similar slide. So when the slide is clicked the user is hyperlinked suitable back to in which they presently are.

This forces them to use buttons you have positioned more than the very clear rectangle to navigate by way of the option board.

Extensions menu to select Clear Rectangle by AliceKeeler Clear rectangle google slides transparent rectangle google slides

In ANY Google Slides use the Extensions menu to find Crystal clear Rectangle by AliceKeeler.

A single Huge Rectangle

Incorporate a obvious rectangle that addresses the total Google Slide. Use Management K to hyperlink the apparent rectangle to any source.

For each Slide

The initial selection provides the rectangle only to the current slide. To speedily incorporate a very clear rectangle to ALL your slides merely decide on “Per Slide.” You’ll nonetheless want to go through and manually hyperlink every single crystal clear rectangle. What do you want to occur when the consumer clicks on the slide?

Property Button

After adding a crystal clear rectangle to every single slide you will need buttons on top rated of the clear rectangle to navigate the presentation. Use “Home Button” to insert a button to the navigate to the 1st slide.

No Advance Slide

Do you want to protect against the consumer from automatically advancing to the subsequent slide? Use the “No Advance Slide” possibility. This will routinely area a distinct rectangle in excess of all the slides and every rectangle will immediately be joined to the very same slide.

Bottom Edge

If your motivation is to develop a button on the slide but not impair your capacity to click on the slide to advance to the up coming slide, use “Bottom Edge.” This creates a 90% distinct rectangle in excess of the slide. The bottom 10% will not be included. You will require to manually hyperlink the transparent rectangle working with Control K.

Bottom Edge All

If you want the 90% rectangle on all the slides, decide on “Bottom Edge All.”

Create Table of Contents

Want a slide that instantly generates navigation to the other slides? Decide on “Table of Contents” to mechanically increase a slide to the top that has a button linking to each and every slide.

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Clear Rectangle Google Slides

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