What to Expect From the iPhone 8

Apple is expected to release the next generation of its iPhone series later this year.

The new iPhone 8 series, if rumors are correct, will be different in size and feel.

DigiTimes cited a source indicating Apple will launch three models in different sizes. These include 4.7, 5.5, and 5.8 inches. The phones are expected to be released in the second half of 2017.

The phones will have a curved display something like the 5.5 inch Galaxy S7 Edge.

The tech giant expects to sell a lot of these new editions. Some 60-70 million units are expected to be sold for the larger version alone.

Some believe the smaller two versions will actually be called the 7s and 7s Plus, as Apple has done with previous lines.

The iPhone 8 could be the special 10th anniversary edition as the company unveils a special phone to mark the decade old milestone.… Read more

Warning: Your Home Can Be Your Place of Doom

When you think of home, what comes to mind is a place of rest, comfort, peace, serenity, and joy.

Is it? But do you know that your home may have more than a dozen hidden hazards that can turn it into a place of doom at the blink of an eye?

And seniors, especially those 65+, are more often hapless victims because of failing eyesight, poor balance, and diminished cognitive functions.

To prove the point, here are some startling figures that can make you give your home a second look:

o In 2009 in England and Wales, alone, 7,475 people aged 65 and over died from home accidents, with 49% of those were due to falls. – rospa.com;

o According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), millions of people 65 +, or one out of three elderly, suffer from falls. – cdc.gov.

Home accidents involving elderly people have become … Read more

It’s All in the Orchestration

Surveys have shown that speaking before an audience is one of the most common fears among people from all walks of life. In talking to many individuals over the years who harbor this fear, I’ve often heard them say, “I’m just not a good speaker.” Those words imply that they believe the ability to speak in front of an audience is determined at birth.

As with just about any skill, to a great extent that’s true. Natural ability is always helpful. But natural ability is not what carries the day.

One of the best speakers I’ve heard in a long time is Michael Cloud, who is also a first-class speechwriter. A couple of weeks after I heard him speak, Michael sent me an excellent article he wrote titled “The 7 Deadly Public Speaking Sins … and How to Avoid Them.”

I don’t have room to review all seven sins here, … Read more

Current Affairs News Online – Information About The World Available At Your Home

News can be transmitted faster through technology all over the world.

People can have complete control of what news they want to read about. Traditional newspapers convey local news more than international news while online newspapers from different countries can be accessed for free through the internet. There are many advantages for people to convert reading from traditional newspapers to online newspapers.

Any news around the world can be published online within a matter of few seconds. People can be more updated with the help of online newspapers. Current affairs news can be viewed immediately through the internet rather than waiting for a day in order to read it on the printed newspapers.

The online newspapers are updated every few minutes and the headlines keeps changing as and when new incidents occur in the world.

Most of the news that is available online is free of cost. People only need … Read more

Electric Shaver Brands – Blasts From the Past

Electric shavers have been around for a very long time. In fact there are enough electric shaver brands from the past to fill a book. Some were top of the line technology at the time and the brand stuck around while others are non existent now.

Action Shave: Action Shave is a brand from way back in the 1940s. It is believed that this electric shaver brand was mainly distributed through mail order although not a lot is known about it or the company that manufactured it. We do know, however, that the main production and distribution center was located in Elgin, IL. It is also believed to have been made of Swiss parts, according to some historians of the area.

Clip Shave: Clip Shave was a product out of Port Chester, NY and is documented to have sold for around $10 in the late 1930’s. One distinct feature of … Read more