Build Ideal PC Rigs for Beginners

Build Ideal PC Rigs for Beginners

So, let’s say you have decided to build your own PC rig as the best choice. There are several things you need to do and don’t worry if you are really a beginner to all of these things. Because today, there is a far-reaching choice and can make it easier for all of us to process the PC following the needs, budget, and various other things to build your ideal rig.

Build Ideal PC Rigs for Beginners

Buying a full PC might be straightforward to do than building it yourself, where you only have to choose a specification that comes from so many choices, pay for it and take it away with all the devices still sealed inside. However, building a rig with every touch of your hand will provide far more beneficial value, satisfaction from each component you create, and a much more ideal aesthetic value. So, if you plan to build a PC rig, below we present a kind of tutorial and the best place to start, especially for those who really don’t know the first step to go.

Step One: Determine Goals & Budget Limits in Building

Before you go and buy or find the best choice of components, the first step that is ideal and can be a determining factor of all the positive results you can build is to determine your budget and your purpose for building. Say you want to create a PC rig for casual needs, gaming that is not too demanding or able to provide excellent performance for all your work. This is one of our goals in producing and building a PC rig that is truly ideal and reliable to start our tiring days before.

Then, also look at your budget constraints on the plan for assembling a computer, because by looking at budget constraints, all other expenditures and choice of components can go with options that are far more economical and do not interfere with finances which are not specifically for this. For example, let’s say your budget limit is not more than 5 million, then the choices that are present from each component may be present in the lowest class, but you can also get one of the best decisions of these components in terms of the performance presented.

Step Two: A Little Survey Will Relieve the Heart

After you have determined your budget and goals, the other thing that is actually quite important is seeing a review, reading, or just chatting with experts or friends who are genuinely experienced in their fields. Remember, you don’t need to read everything in the PC world, only one that really gives you an interest in getting started. And don’t let the Fanboys influence your mind, because remember that each component has a positive side of all performance and other things that might be useful for you.

For example, you need a processor for your very demanding work needs, but you have a limited budget to get started. Departing from this, you can start a simple search with a few keywords, googling in the virtual world or go to someone really good at it, to get some core knowledge for free

Step Three: Choosing the Right Hardware

Before making a decision to choose hardware, it is a good idea to consider several things from us to select the right equipment. As we know that each component has a generation, both the oldest and the latest. There are many choices that you can get today, but if possible, choose really new parts, especially in 2017. What is best of this is that you will have an extended period for each component that is present and a warranty that also counts for quite a long time as your guarantee. Choose the right power supply units for your first new RIG.



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Although not every newest option can be something outstanding, at least you will see how manufacturers fully support their latest hardware for at least the next 5 years with each patch, software or some fixes on driver problems. And keep in mind that every hardware component has a certain age in its usage period, so the thing you should avoid is buying several second components that are quite influential on the system unless you are really limited in the budget.

Then, keep in mind also that specific component must be genuinely high quality so that they can provide guarantees for all other hardware needs and you should not be cheap to choose. The most obvious example is the choice of PSU aka Power Supply, where you might see there are many choices today with a price range below 400 thousand. But if you want to ensure that all of your electricity supply is maintained steadily, which can also affect other components well, then the choice of PSU should remain at the selection of genuinely reliable producers, even though they have quite high prices. One time you will realize how this component will provide a very long period for every hardware age and keep something terrible from happening to you.

Final Step: Build Your Dream PC With Simulation

When you are ready to determine which is the best choice, then you should not first buy it immediately, because there may be compatibility issues present. Or also, you really don’t know which component is suitable for the computer assembly that you are going to build. So, the best thing about it is to go to a site that provides simulations for the ideal Rig PC assembly to suit your needs.

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