Artificial Intelligence – Impact, Challenges, and Benefits in Business

Artificial Intelligence – Impact, Challenges, and Benefits in Business

Artificial Intelligence – Impact, Challenges, and Benefits in Business

AI technology was created to understand and provide solutions to problems more quickly and effectively.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a form of technology created to imitate human cognitive functions. Such as analyzing data, understanding patterns, recognizing the surrounding environment, to making decisions.

AI is not always in the form of a robot-like what we usually see in science fiction films. AI is often in the form of computers, devices, even without form.

AI technology was created to understand and provide solutions to problems more quickly and effectively. Moreover, AI is expected to be able to complete human work more easily and provide maximum results.

A brief history of AI

AI has been known for a long time but only developed in real terms in the mid-20th century. In 1956, computer scientist John McCarthy defined Artificial Intelligence as an activity carried out by humans to create a technology to function and behave like humans.

McCarthy played a significant role in the history of AI development as we know it today. He created a high-level programming language called LISP.

LISP itself is now used in most AI-based technologies. In the ’60s and ’70s, the development of AI slowed down and began to develop again in the 1980s. Marked with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), who discovered the R1 system as a device to configure the system on a new computer.

By 1988, R1 had run 40 systems and managed to save the company operating costs of up to US$ 40 million per year.

Current AI

Two important things that cannot be separated from the development of AI are big data and computing power. To make a device that can think and act like humans, enormous data is needed.

In simple terms, the data used in AI technology can be categorized into data in the form of images (visuals) and non-image data (language text or numbers). AI that can be created with visual data is used to analyze and detect objects from photos or videos, imitating how the human eye works in seeing and recognizing objects.

AI created with non-image data can reply to conversations, known as chat/voice/speech bots. Its role is to predict the human mind about an event in the future by analyzing the conditions from the previous period to the present.

In addition, existing computer devices have also been able to be programmed to study the data provided. Thus, the more data provided, the more ‘smart’ the device or computer will be.

Our entry also supports the rapid development of AI into the digital era and the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows all data to be digitized and captured from anywhere quickly, even directly, or in real-time.

However, it should be noted to ensure that AI works optimally, stable and reliable bandwidth is required for smoother AI operations. The best Dedicated Internet solutions from Link Net can help you make it happen.

AI in Indonesia

The development of AI is becoming more rapid with the number of internet users. It is recorded that 196.7 million or more than 70% of Indonesia’s population have become internet access users in the second quarter of 2020, making AI data growing.

To process a large or massive amount of data, a capable capacity or computing power is required. The development of cloud computing technology or Cloud Computing makes AI no longer expensive or difficult to reach.

In Indonesia itself, many startups or startups have started using AI to support their business activities. This is, of course, due to the increasingly available and affordable supporting aspects needed to include AI in business activities. It is no longer only available to developed countries or large companies.

The impact of AI on business

AI technology that is developing very rapidly is not always highlighted positively. The increasingly popular AI is starting to raise concerns that the role and function of humans in various aspects of work will be replaced because AI is proven to have the potential to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in almost all areas.

Business people are starting to realize this opportunity and take advantage of it to develop their business. Companies that use AI technology are proven to have a competitive advantage, reducing operating costs and human resources.

But keep in mind that AI was created and developed not to replace the role or function of humans as a whole. AI systems can indeed take over some types of human work, but this is an opportunity to allocate these human resources to more valuable areas than just dealing with repetitive and clerical types of work.

AI-based Solutions

Link Net offers technology products based on AI systems that can be used to develop your business and as a solution in responding to the challenges of changing human behavior and habits today.

When most of us have to be indifferent and far apart locations, First Klaz is here to be a platform that can facilitate all E-Learning needs for educational institutions (schools). Make the learning process more effective and efficient.

Meanwhile, the Thermal Screening service that we also provide utilizes AI technology to work to ensure a safer and more comfortable activity location through accurate, real-time body temperature detection and according to the health protocols that are now required.

You can take advantage of all these AI-based services, complete with a stable internet connection from Link Net. Starting from the availability of the most appropriate Dedicated Internet for business/offices, Metro Ethernet, which is specifically the best choice for those of you who are growing your business in big cities, to Leased Line services, a solution for permanent communication if your business needs to be run simultaneously from two or more places. Different and distant.

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